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Helen C. Watts, PE, Principal

Thank you for finding Helen Watts Engineering PLLC's website. Helen Watts Engineering PLLC is a structural engineering firm certified as a DBE. See the About HWE page for a detailed resume.
Please check out the Builder's Tools page for  interesting and helpful information collected to help contractors, but helpful for owners as well. Send an e-mail if you have sites to suggest adding.
Homeowners may find the Hints articles helpful to get the most out of their house investment.
To go to the site for the Pretty Good House Graphic Handbook: http://helenwattsengineering07.tripod.com/prettygoodhousehandbook/ - and the second volume of the Graphic Handbook is now available... new information, changes, more information.The books are available as pdf downloads from Etsy. See https://www.etsy.com/listing/462358627/graphic-handbook-of-the-pretty-good

Some Rules of Thumb:
Build durably so the maintenance required is simple.
Maintain as recommended so the structure stays in good condition longer.
Build so the building is flexible, and can be used under different conditions.
Make the building work with the outside environment, not against it.
When you build, there are three factors - and you can only "have" two out of three:
If you don't build RIGHT, then it won't be FAST or CHEAP.

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