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Structural Engineering Services

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Structural Engineering Services
Residential and Condomium Structures
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The greenest structures are well-built, of durable materials, and well maintained. And green is the new black.

Structural Engineering Services Provided:
  • Licensed in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Hawaii, NCEES and SECB Certified
  • Commercial, Industrial, Marine Structures, Equipment foundations
    Residential, Condominiums
  • Structural Evaluation and Design, Plans and Specifications
  • Construction/Special/Insurance Inspections
  • Forensic Evaluations and Testimony
  • Parking Garage Inspection and Repairs
  • Permitting and Construction Project Management
  • Maintenance and Repair of Historic Structures
  • Repair on Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Project Management
  • Permitting, including NFPA Life Safety 101 and Site Plans