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Hints for Homeowners #1 - The Spring Inspection
Hints for Homeowners #2 - Live Green
Hints for Homeowners #3 - Hire a Contractor
Hints for Homeowners #4 - Ice Dams
Hints for Homeowners #5 - Landscaping

Inspections, Repairs, Remodeling - including condominiums, old barns, seawalls, ice dams, construction issues - and ideas for living more "green" without moving.


Do you need answers to any of these questions?

Can you stamp my house construction/repair/remodeling drawings?

Can I take out THIS wall?

What does this crack in the concrete mean?

Where is the water coming from – and how do I deal with it?

Is this a new problem – or is it a problem? And what will it take to fix it?

Is THIS repairable – and at what cost?

Is my builder doing this right?

Then e-mail or call Helen Watts.

How your building works is important to how you live and work.

See this site for Maine's law on Road Associations:

Maine's Law on Road Associations