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There is some disarray about the ICC codes and the ASHRAE 62.2. Every building code is a work in progress - we learn things, we do the consensus process, the code tries to keep up - and be applicable for every part of a very climactically diverse country. The ASHRAE 62.2 requirements seem to have too much incoming air for the Pretty Good House. So, what do you do? You find out what your house has for the blower door test, and set your incoming air to match the outgoing air and the occupant requirements. We will all be better at this next year. Key point, if you make your house a Pretty Good House, SIZE the heating and ventilation systems for the needs of the Pretty Good House AND the expected occupants. This will give you a smaller system (less up-front costs) and a system that is more efficient working at the expected loads. Do not just take the old rule-of-thumb sizing that 'has always worked before'.

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Remember: Build tight and ventilate right!

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