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Where can you get it?
Where can you get it?
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It's $5 each. One Lincoln. Or $7 for both volumes.
Ask Helen -
Gulf of Maine Bookstore, Maine Street, Brunswick
Maine Green Building Supply, Fox Street, Portland
Nonesuch Books, South Portland (
You will need to ask for the book as it doesn't fit well on bookstore shelves.
AND NOW - taaa DAAA - thanks to my computer gurus Manny and Brian, I have an Etsy store that is selling the books for $.99 each,
Much easier than mailing printed ones out, and there's that instant gratification thing, too. I had one sale, looked at the site - and Etsy said the book was sold out. (Thank you to my first Etsy buyer!!!) So, I put it back up for sale, with 999 of each - and we're back in business. You learn something new every day. Print them out, use them, show your kids/parents/spouse. Whip out your green pen/pencil/crayon!

When you're done with the book, put it in your doctor's office, or your local library, or hand it off to an eco-club at a school. Get more for birthday presents. Wedding  favors. Your carpenter crew. Graduation gifts. Someone looking to purchase or improve a home - and where to start. The idea is to get the word out - because we all need to do better.

Also - please send me an e-mail or call if you need a speaker on the PGH idea. Especially if there's food involved (Thank you, Brunswick Methodist Men's Group!).

The Handbook is also available at Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick and the Topsham Public Library, Topsham. Please ask your local library and bookseller to carry the Handbook! Help me get the word out! 
I would like to thank Ben Gilmore, formerly of Gilmore's Seafood in Bath, Maine, for selling my book to his customers. Gilmore's is now closed, and I wish Ben all the best in whatever he's doing in his next chapter.

I was on Jennifer Rooks MPBN radio show - we are taping November 7th, with Claire Betze, PE, a residential energy auditor. This has been rebroadcast, and is available on the MPBN website at

Keith Shortall (MPBN) called me in this spring for another show about what to do with your home in the spring, with a roofing guru and a landscaper:
Midcoast Maine Chamber has a Business In The Spotlight radio show on AM 900; we taped a spot for the PGH on November 21st which was to air on the 23rd; this is also available online.

--“Brilliant! Helen has eloquently proven that the core concepts of the ‘Pretty Good House’ for Maine, are so simple that they can be explained in a coloring book.  My office will always have a copy in it for the clients who come in with their kids.  What fun it is to ask the child to borrow their picture to help explain what you are talking about to their parents.” --Chris Briley, AIA, and Green Building Adviser blogger

Not-Quite Net-Zero Houses in Maine