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These are the sites from page 24 of the Graphic Handbook - just a good start. and

Net Zero homes:

Passive House:

Houses don’t have to be huge:

Beginner (and more) Building Science with Allison Bailes: , and check his other discussions.


Check out Martin Holladay's blog at Much good stuff here - and I got some from the comments too. – Building Science articles by Joe Lstiburek and John Straube: - an awesome resource. And fun to read.

There's some interesting - and scary stuff coming out about human cognition and CO2 levels. I wonder if this ties in with Alzheimer's. I wonder what the CO2 level is in my house - and my husband's office at the mill.

You might also come to the Building Science Forum, first Tuesday of the month (but not in the summer - we're building things!) at Maine Green Building Supply on Fox Street in Portland. Call them for details. Bring some beer.

For Maine energy auditors,
DeWitt Kimball whooshed through my house with his thermal energy camera and found some unexpected and some expected leaks:
Claire Betze PE has been a Green Builder and is starting in business for herself,

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Not-Quite Net-Zero Houses in Maine